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We are currently closed but excited to announce a new location at the Old Sitka Dock! Coming in 2022!  A beautiful new building to house our restaurant is currently under construction.  The favorites on our menu will still be there, plus some amazing new additions, like locally caught shrimp!


what makes us special?

Halibut Point Crab and Chowder (aka Halibut Point Crab and Brew) is locally owned and led by the Friske family.  We've had our own commercial salmon fishing business since 2001, but got into commercial Dungeness crabbing in 2013 when our kids were only 4 and 7. 

It's a fishery that we love since we get to spend amazing quality family time together on our boat in the pristine waters of Hoonah Sound surrounded by seals, whales, brown bears and deer.   Despite their ages, our kids play an integral role in our business and each year are able to take on bigger tasks in our family crabbing operation.  

We've learned a lot about crab ecosystems and how to catch and sustain them.  And we've learned how much people love to eat crab!  So, when we had the opportunity to sell our crab at the cruise ship dock, we couldn't pass it up. 

We are really excited to provide locally caught, fresh crab to the locals of Sitka and to people all over the world who come here to visit.  It brings us great pleasure to see people taste such fresh seafood. 

Our unique live crab tank not only displays the freshness and quality of our crab but allows for educational moments. We love to use our restaurant as a platform to educate people about Wild Alaskan Seafood and our well-managed sustainable resources.  Plus, where else can you take a selfie with a crab and then have it cooked up for lunch?

Each year, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game manages 2 seasons for commercial crabbing: June 15-Aug 15 and Oct. 1- Dec. 1.  Since our restaurant is not open in the winter months when we catch crab, we cook, freeze and glaze those crab to sell when we open in May.  So, truth be told, during May and half of June, our crab is not live, but as fresh as it can possibly be that time of year.  But after June 15th, we have live crab every day to cook up fresh!

At Halibut Point Crab and Chowder, we catch all of our own Dungeness crab in the waters near Sitka and serve them fresh to you every day.  This makes for the most spectacular crab you'll ever taste!

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Old Sitka Cruise Ship Dock
4513 Halibut Point Road
Sitka, AK  99835


(907 738-3811 call or text

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Due to our location, our business hours in May-Sept. revolve around the cruise ship docking schedules.  Give us a call!


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Stay tuned for our 2021 opening dates and schedule!
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